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Getting ready for Russia: I remember falling in line at the Russian embassy very early in the morning to be able to submit my husband´s passport...

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After working 7 night shifts, I felt like I skipped Monday.  I was just so happy that I told everyone that Tuesday was a good day to visit J´s uncle...

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Dubai-Al Ain Road - Al Masoudi - Al Ain - United Arab Emirates

It's roughly a 90 minute ride from Al Ain to Dubai. During the journey I did have some moments of disquiet as I recollected the exquisite moments I spent there. Like standing at the top of Abu Dhabi's tallest peak, Jebel Hafeet, 220m above sea level, was like standing on another planet as the rocks took on a russet hue with the approaching dusk and the wavy desert sands below extending into an obscuring haze.
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Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium - Al Ain - United Arab Emirates

Al Ain is quaint, quirky and sublime with lots to offer, especially the panoramic flower garden with colorful blossoms, Wadi Adventure Water Park, the Jahili Fort and the impressive oasis filled with palm plantations. As we passed the date groves in the dappled light fortified by a dense cluster of trees we kept wondering how the desert can highlight such inordinate green setting. Not to forget the natural zoo in Al Ain which boasts of a variety of avian and animal life. It was with a pang of regret I went inside the car as it was time to leave.
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