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Getting ready for Russia: I remember falling in line at the Russian embassy very early in the morning to be able to submit my husband´s passport...

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After working 7 night shifts, I felt like I skipped Monday.  I was just so happy that I told everyone that Tuesday was a good day to visit J´s uncle...

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Top Places To Visit 4 Spots

Citadel of Qaitbay

Beautifully built, this citadel is facing the Mediterranean Sea. It beautifully portrays the science used by the ancient people in olden days.
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Qaitbay fort

The grand site of the Qaitbay Fort was built on the site of the ancient pharaohs (lighthouse) of Alexandria. The old lighthouse is also found within the citadel fortification. It gives for an enjoyable tour and a well spent afternoon. The markets near the coast also are a treat for all tourists.
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