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1. Restoran Kam Long Located at a convenient spot near City Square Mall Johor has attracted the stomach of many. With the use of fresh red snapper...

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Beautiful MalaccaI would simply start by saying your Malaysian trip is not complete untill you've visited Malacca ( Melaka) . Having said that I Hope...

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Hutan Mati

After struggling for almost 5 hours we arrived at Hutan Mati, literally translate to English as The Dead Forest. The Dead Forest is a striking grey and white area filled by dead trees from the effect of the Papandayan Mountain eruption in 2002. As a result of the eruption, the Nangklak crater wall collapsed and caused the Cibeureum Gede River to be filled with the avalanche material. This caused severe flooding at that time. Seeing the Dead Forest does takes you to another world. The striking black color of the tree branches and light grey ground filled with sulfur, made this area surreal. Views like this are not encountered every day; it can be seen in professional photos or paintings but rarely in real life. Yet, here I was, in awe of the view.
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