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This coast is majorly consisted of Positano, Ravello and Amalfi with Amalfi being the largest city on this coast line....

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One of the best things to do in Amalfi is nothing....

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84011, Amalfi
To experience Amalfi coast at its best, you need nothing more than a free spirit and a casual summer afternoon. The former is required so that you have a rich and fulfilling experience of southern Italian culture and not barely scratch the surface on one of the most beautiful coastal strip in the world. The dwindling Amalfi drive provides most breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea but there is more to Amalfi than its awe-inspiring natural beauty.On the path along the coast lies Positano- a quiet town which will not only leave you speechless but can also put an irreparable dent in your psyche. In fact, the town has been inspiration for many painters, writers and musicians. I have observed that every place has its unique voice through which it communicates to its visitors. Some places talk through their history, some through their culture and some through their spirit of life. Positano talks through its colors which is the first thing you notice when you get the first glance at the town.
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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Weekend Getaways from Amalfi  

After spending some time we hopped on to the bus again and went on to see the other majestic structures , The Roman forum and Palatine Hill looking down onto the Circus Maximus which was a track for Chariot races during medieval times , the Pantheon . Since we were sleep deprived we thought of closing the day early and on the way back something caught our eye that we hadn't seen earlier , showed the consciousness of Europeans about family planning .

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Day 10: Purchased tickets from the tabacchi and took a SITA bus towards Amalfi. We got off on the way at Furore Bridge, which is very picturesque with a small little beach down. Unfortunately, the path to the beach was broken or shut and hence none of the tourists could visit the beach. We clicked a few pictures and took the next SITA bus to Amalfi town. Walked through the streets of Amalfi, saw the cathedral there but did not go inside. We bought limoncello from there which is really nice and strong. We took a 4:20PM ferry back from Amalfi as we wanted to witness the entire coast from the sea and get a view of how Positano looked from the sea and it was indeed spectacular. We then headed to see the other quieter beach in Positano. We went back to the hotel, freshened up and went for our last dinner in Positano.

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Best time to visit Amalfi is from March to July

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