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This coast is majorly consisted of Positano, Ravello and Amalfi with Amalfi being the largest city on this coast line....

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I booked a roundtrip ticket to Naples and decided to visit the Amalfi Coast....

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

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15th JuneTime 2 PmTemp :- 14*CWhile in europe, flights costs very less and saves a lot the travel time also as compare to any other mode of transportation (If booked in advance).I did the same. Had an evening flight to Rome and reached around 11 30 pm to just to make it to the last bus to help me reach the hostel.Next 2 days were spent exploring each and every corner of Rome by foot. Rome has got some marvellous architecture dipped in gothic style.

About Amalfi

Day 10: Purchased tickets from the tabacchi and took a SITA bus towards Amalfi. We got off on the way at Furore Bridge, which is very picturesque with a small little beach down. Unfortunately, the path to the beach was broken or shut and hence none of the tourists could visit the beach. We clicked a few pictures and took the next SITA bus to Amalfi town. Walked through the streets of Amalfi, saw the cathedral there but did not go inside. We bought limoncello from there which is really nice and strong. We took a 4:20PM ferry back from Amalfi as we wanted to witness the entire coast from the sea and get a view of how Positano looked from the sea and it was indeed spectacular. We then headed to see the other quieter beach in Positano. We went back to the hotel, freshened up and went for our last dinner in Positano.

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Best time to visit Amalfi is from March to July

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