Anacapri Tourism & Travel Guide

1 Day
A day trip to Capri (or 'KAH-pree')

I boarded a coach from ‘Roma’ Termini Station (‘Roma’ stands for Rome in ...

Rachna Agnihotri
16 Days
A peek at Southern Italy and more

Well, one of my favorite vacations till date. Drive through the surreally beautiful Amalfi coast,...

Napoli, I lost my heart to you.....

La spezia to Napoli central was a good 6 hour journey by train.  Naples is famous for the pi...

Liz Thottan
1 Day

Beautiful , charming, touristy, captivating , glamorous ….. and I can go on and on but still its ...

Kanika Kalia
2 Days
A Day in Capri,The Exotic Italian Island!!

Hey there,Planning for a trip to an Exotic island in Italy ? Then you have come to the right plac...

Khushboo Bansal
Weekend on the Amalfi coast

This trip was originally published on travelfreak This year on Easter weekend, we went on a 4 ...


About Anacapri

Day 05: Sightseeing at anacapri; chairlift to Mt. solaro, Live like a royal, splurge on a dinner at the Capri Palace and Spa. The only place we encountered where they have a five page menu for ordering water. Frankly, order a couple of dishes, get a few complimentary and just live the experience. Quite unabashedly, that is what me and lazy did.

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