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Top Places To Visit 16 Spots


Look beyond the mass hysteria about traveling alone in the middle east and realise that Dubai awaits every wide eyed wanderer with open arms. The Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, the golden Jumeirah Beach and hundreds of other futuristic modern marvels can leave you awestruck at every step.

Abu Dhabi

Where: United Arab EmiratesWhat to do: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of those few places that is worth every bit of hype. This world's most expensive mosque should top your list of things to do in Abu Dhabi, as its grandeur will trump everything else. Head to Al Bateen Shipyar, the restored dock, which is one of the oldest inhabited parts of the modern city and gives an insight into the history of the emirate. Abu Dhabi boasts of quite a few art galleries, such as the Gallery One in the Emirates Palace and the Ghaf Art Gallery. If you want to head out of the city, then go dune bashing at the Rub' al Khali.

United Arab Emirates


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