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At 8 am, I found myself on a state transport bus to Arambagh. One of the simplest ways of getting to Bishnupur would be by bus. Arambagh, 80 kms from Kolkata has direct buses to Bishnupur 60 kms away. I am sure there are direct buses to Bishnupur from Kolkata as well, but the frequency of buses to Arambagh is far higher. I took a bus to the central bus stand at Esplanade and promptly caught the bus to Arambagh. An excruciating 4 hour journey followed. With frequent humps marring the state highway, the journey made me nauseous. If it wasn’t for the seat handles, a few tiny souls would have toppled out. But the journey to from Arambagh to Bishnupur was a stark contrast. The rural Bengal side with its characteristic paddy fields starts an automatic jukebox of Bengali folk songs in every bong’s head. The 90 minute bus ride from Arambagh to Bishnupur was no different. The bus from Arambagh apparently stops at 3 places in Bishnupur. The one that will take you to the temples is called Pokabandh.

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