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, Srivardhan, and Aravi Beaches...

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. Im talking about Aravi Beach...

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Aaravi Beach

We visited the Diveagar Ganpati temple, which is famous for the gold Ganpati statue that once sat here. It's a cute little temple. The next stop was the Harihareshwar temple which takes about 2 hours to reach. The scenery en-route is simply breathtaking. The journey is a full coastline view drive with some twists and turns of the mountains. You will cross Aarvi beach which also makes you fall in love deeper with the sea and the shore. It's so pretty that you actually feel so proud being a part of this country... Just that we need to take responsibility in keeping it that way. Harihareshwar temple is a 10min walk from the parking area and you can get good idli sambhar and wadas at the restaurants during your walk. The temple is also known as dakshin kashi and a pleasure to visit. The beach here was more crowded and less clean.Well this was the last stop of our getaway and the return journey started. But with a lighter mind and a lot stronger soul.This was the first time ever that I had planned something and taken responsibility from choosing the place to getting all the bookings done and I feel so happy to share the beautiful experience. Traveling and exploring always makes me happy and it sure does something to you. So take out all the fear and travel to explore someplace you have never been before.And BTW there won't be any sort of internet connection there so connect to yourself and people around you in a way you should.
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Aravi Beach

A clean, white sand, lonely and a secret beach few kilometres before the the sacred Dive Agar beach.
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