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The morning of day 2, or should I say afternoon, was a slow start after such a great but late night. The plan was to take the second day of India Bike Week at a slower pace. It was already over 35 degrees and full sun, there was no need to hurry around.I spent the daylight hours wandering around and checking out all the exhibitors. There was a huge turnout here, and it was impressive.They had the likes of GoPro, Harley Davidson, Red Bull, and other top name companies sponsoring the event. Seeking Refuge in the Big Trip TentStuntmen preformed on a little track in the center of the event, doing tricks like riding while standing on their seats, and fitting many men on one bike (which actually isn’t that impressive after seeing what some of the people in India can fit on their bikes!) I was wandering around, getting baked by the hot Goan sun in the afternoon, sweating out last night’s adventures, and grinding the red sand in my teeth. It was then I found the Big Trip Tent.


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