Arugam Bay Tourism & Travel Guide

Arugam Bay is perfect for all kinds of travellers, ready to explore without any hiccups!...

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This time to the Sri Lankan East coast, Arugam Bay!!!...

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Arugam Bay Beach

Another fantastic beach - Make sure to check out the season to avoid arriving during Monsoon season.
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About Arugam Bay

Day 8Finally say goodbye to Sri Lanka and make sure to come back again soon for you haven’t even visited Arugam Bay or Jafna as yet! Approximate Cost Estimates Per Head (costs are estimated on the assumption that 2 people are travelling together):Flights – Rs. 10,000Visa – Rs. 1500Car on hire for 5 days (within Colombo you can take the local Taxis and buses) – Rs. 15,000Hotels – Rs. 1500 onward per day, so Rs. 10,000 in total (approx.) for 7 nights.Food- Rs. 10,000Entry fees to attractions/Interactions – Rs.5000Total: Rs. 56500 or $885You still have $115 to shop!Travellers’ TipsCarry Sunscreen Don’t fall prey to Tips. Almost everyone here who thinks has contributed to your trip in any insignificant way expects a hefty tip Do not visit any spice gardens and buy medicinal herbs or powders from there Wear your seat belt when in the car or get ready to cough up a fine.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Arugam Bay is from November to February
Arugam Bay


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