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I present the Parthenon! The most famous building in Greece. It's a shame that it had to be viewed with all of the scaffolding around but it's necessary for all the restoring they are doing. It took 9 years to build the Parthenon and they have been restoring it for 30 years and not even half way done. Most of those pillars were destroyed and they have been piecing them together one by one. Like the world's most annoying and torturous jigsaw puzzle in 3D.
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Temple of the Olympian Zeus

Our last day in Athens we visited the Temple of Zeus. I don't know why we waited until the last day since it was right across the street from our hotel.This was the most massive building that we had seen yet. It originally had over 100 pillars but after much human destruction and earthquakes, only 15 or so remain.
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