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Cava Grande – Avola This is one of Sicily’s best kept secrets!...

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Viale Corrado Santuccio, Avola, Sicily

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Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination and preconceived stereotypes. Visiting Palermo is still somewhat of an adventure in a world where so many places have become tourist-friendly to a fault. You won’t find many restaurants with menus translated into 5 different languages, you may have trouble communicating in English in many places, and some parts of the old town center have remained untouched since they were bombed during the war.

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Cava Grande: This is one of Sicily’s best kept secrets! This fantastic natural reserve is a great alternative to a day at a beach – if you can find it! This canyon is a system of fresh water ponds and waterfalls 507 meters down from the viewpoint and point of arrival at the top of the gorge. Beware you must be physically fit to visit here as its a long walk down a uneven dirt path and an even harder trek back up! (You’ll see what I mean when you look at the picture below!) There are no services once you get to the bottom so make sure you take plenty of water and food with you if you plan on spending the day there. There is parking available at the site and it is advised to bring water shoes as some of the rocks are rough on the feet. Oh and the water is freezing!

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