Baarle-nassau Tourism & Travel Guide

Kerkplein 2, Baarle-Hertog 2387
Sint Salvatorkapel
Corner of Kapelstraat/Visweg, Baarle-Nassau
bij Zondereigen 115, Baarle-Hertog

Zaanse Schans
I have always been in awe of wooden windmills, from the first time I, as a child, attempted to paint a Dutch country sid...
A holiday tour in Amsterdam can be described as travelling through a bustling city, the essence of which is lying in the...
The first stop is the Belgian capital, Brussels, which houses the headquarters of the European Union. Take in the sights...
Cologne: On our way to Amsterdam,we visited Cologne Cathedral. Its a very very tall Gothic Cathedral which took 6 centur...
If you've seen the cult dark comedy In Bruges, you know exactly what to expect in this peculiar city. It's a prominent w...

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