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as Bahia), in North East... by the city & people. For Bahia... the time in Bahia. Salvador..., the capital of Bahia...

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de Bahia and Morro de Sao Paulo... north into Salvador de Bahia...

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This is a historic neighborhood from the Portuguese Colonial Period, symbolizing the lives of the African slaves residing here. Pelourinho was named after the whipping post on which many slaves were punished. It is now used as a cultural center, through which tourists can walk through to restaurants, shops, cafes, and witness some musical performances as well.
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Morro de Sao Paulo

The days in Morro are free for you to explore and enjoy the island Tinhare and its many miles of beautiful beaches, some of them almost completely deserted. Whichever beach you choose the waters will be crystal clear and the stretches of perfect white sand and swaying palms equally inviting. You could take a boat trip tour to visit the tidal pools at Garapuá to the south of the island. Here you can have a drink at the floating bar. You could also visit Boipeba, an island a short distance across the strait from Tinharé, where the villages and beaches are less developed. Scuba diving and snorkeling are big activities here and can easily be arranged, but extra to the package. On the 4th day here, the adventure finally comes to a close, a catamaran will take you back to Bahia and the airport.
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About Bahia

The hardest part was planning where to go next before our flight from Brasilia and we decided upon the expensive resort town of Praia do Forte, the snorkeling and turtle sanctuary alone was worth the hiked room prices. The natural pools surrounded some of the best reef and marine life I’ve seen in ages, I even spotted my first sea snake. The turtles were by far the biggest I’ve ever seen and we got to witness the staff moving the oldest on a stretcher. We were sad to leave paradise knowing we had another night bus, but managed to haggle a big discount to Brasilia.

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