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Getting to Baler is easy via land travel....

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Baler is not Baler without the swells and breaks of Sabang Bay....

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Buton Street, Baler, Luzon
When everything fails, God makes its presence felt. Ermita hill is a testament of that fact. Baler has been God’s favourite child. He loves to dismantle Baler every now and then. On December 27, 1735, a great Tsunami had swept away Baler. At that time, people had taken refuge at Ermita Hill. That incidence had carved Ermeta Hill’s place in history books forever. After climbing the 250+ steps hike under shady trees I reached the top of the hill. The view wasn’t as great as at the start of the stairs. I was drinking in the magnificent view of the bay below, including the Baler fish port from the Baler view deck at the hill. There were hardly any tourists at that time. I spoke to a group of locals about the recent typhoon. They said, “Natural disasters are a part of our life. You really can’t control them. But you can control how you respond to them. Whining about them will not do any good. Best is to move on with a smile.” Isn’t that gem of an advice?
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Diguisit Beach, Philippines
A trip to Barangay Zabali in Aurora will bring you to the isolated beach called Diguisit. Rocky cliffs line the road going here. Diguisit Beach faces the Pacific Ocean, offering a breathtaking panorama of the open sea. Corals and huge rock formations stand near the shoreline. You can climb one to get a better vantage point of the view.
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