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Banavasi, the first capital of ancient Karnataka, has been immortalized in the poems of Chamarasa and Kalidasa and has been the object of desire of many ambitious rulers....

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The region in and around Banavasi is peppered with hills and valleys and myriad monuments that hail from different centuries....

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Ratha Beedi, Banavasi, Karnataka 581318, India
Banavasi is a small and peaceful town on the borders of Shimoga and the Uttara Kannada districts. This was the capital of the Kadamba Rulers. The Kadamba Dynasty was the first royal dysnasty of Karnataka and the temple of Madhukeshwara belongs to that era during the 4th century. The name Madhukeshwara is due to the honey coloured lingam inside the temple which was erected and fixed during the rule of the first Kadamba ruler, Mayura Varma. The later kings and dynasties have made enough renovations and additions of this temple which is now a fine example of the blend of a variety of architectural styles. The place around this temple is good for relaxing and lazy walks.
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Banavasi, Karnataka, India
The town itself effuses nostalgia for the days gone by with archaic houses lining the streets and sports a laid-back lazy attitude except during the Kadambotsava festival every year when it springs to life and rejoices. A visit to Banvasi in incomplete without savouring the delicious local food served in its Khanavalis or small eateries – worth mentioning are breads made of rice, jowar and corn relished with veggies, pickles and chutneys and topped with Obattu smeared with ghee. Pineapples grown in the farms of Banavasi have earned a juicy reputation and are best enjoyed in the pouring rain. The town is also home to a number of highly acclaimed artists - carpenters, potters, carvers, painters and moulders.
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About Banavasi

This is the oldest town of Karnataka and is also known as Heaven on Earth with around 20 prominent temples here. This rustic town is said to have been the capital of the first rulers of Karnataka, the Kadamba Dynasty. Also known as the Vanavasaka, this temple town is also known to have existed in 4000 BC during the times of Mahabharata. This is also the oldest temple town of India after Varanasi and the most prominent temple here is the Madhukeshwara Temple. The sound of temple bells enhance the divinity of this place which is still unaware of the modern means of livelihood. The main occupation of the people here is handicraft production and farming. items made of wood is very popular here and the main crops grown here are rice, sugarcana, spices and pineapples. To experience the raw essence of Karnataka, this is one place which you should definitely not give a miss.

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Best time to visit Banavasi is from November to February

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