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From my experience, in big cities can be the best deals, often without commission or with small values ​​(30,000 rials); in Tehran and Esfahan got 1€ = 39,600 rials*, in small towns like Bam or areas with little or no tourism as Bandar Abbas 1€ = 37,000 rials *....

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Distance: 4100 km 30 days October 2015 Bazargan (Turkish border) Tabriz: 3 days Tehran: 4 days Masuleh(and back to Tehran): 2 days Kashan: 3 days Esfahan: 3 days Shiraz: 3 days Yazd: 5 days Fahraj (and back to Yazd): 2 days Bam: 2 days Bandar Abbas: 1 day.... boat to Dubai Things not to miss in Iran Tehran ......

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Top Places To Visit in Bandar-e-Abbas 2 Spots

Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran
Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran

Weekend Getaways from Bandar-e-Abbas 

Visit the Sharjah Corniche for a relaxing windy environment and to Al Noor Mosque to grab on serenity and peace of mind. Sharjah is predominantly an Indian locality


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