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Gurez Valley

Gurez is a valley located deep in the high Himalayas, about 86 km from Bandipore/Bandipura and 133 km from Srinagar in northern part of Jammu and Kashmir. Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan, stretching from Sharada Peeth in the west, Minimarg in the north, Drass the east, and Baghtor in the south. The Gurez Valley falls along the section of the ancient Silk Route, which connected the Kashmir Valley with Gilgit continuing further to Kashgar.
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Vishansar Lake

When I first laid my eyes on this beguiling lake, my jaws dropped. I stood on the mountain peak opposite to the lake and was wonder struck by its beauty. It was hard to believe and I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. I had never come across such a gorgeous water body in my entire life. It was stunningly scenic with mountains on one side and the sun shining bright. The sun rays were shimmering on the water making it look magnificent.
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About Bandipora

Bandipora is the administrative headquarters of the district of Bandipora in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is located on the northern banks of Wular Lake - the biggest freshwater lake in Asia. Bandipora has a terrace garden similar to the Nishat Bagh in Srinagar. In Kashmiri there is a famous phrase about Bandipora or in other words Bandipora is famous for three A's - A'lim (knowledge), Adab (good habits or literature) and Aab (water). As can be known from the folklore, the name of Bandipora (pronounced as Band e pur) originated either from Band of Wullar Lake, due to the Bands of place or due the Closed (Band in Kashmiri) geographical location (i.e., Bandipora is bound by mountains on three sides and by Wullar Lake in the fourth).

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