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These are the oldest rock- cut caves of the country that date back to the 2nd Century BC and some during the Mauryan Period. This is known because some of the rock caves bear Ashokan and other Mauryan inscriptions on them. This cave complex is in the Mukhdumpur Region of the Jehanabad District. Most of the caves belong to the first phase of Buddhism and are deep cut caves. Most of these are built in the design of cottages or huts and do vary in sizes. The inside of each cave was made highly polished with a glass finesse which still gives the look of modern day laser work. The caves were mainly built to be used as residence for the Ajivika Buddhists and monks. Many jataka tales are inscribed on the walls of these caves apart from other royal inscriptions. The caves are comparatively in good condition in spite of ignorance.
Best time to visit Barabar Caves is from October to March
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Barabar Caves
Twin Hills, 1.6 Km From Nagarjuni Hill, Gaya
These are the oldest rock- cut caves of the country that date back to the 2nd Century BC and some during the Mauryan Per...

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Barabar Caves

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