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Many travelers are dithered from visiting Europe in December (to a certain extent I was too). Shivering cold, unpredictable climate changes, shorter...

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The famous Romantic road in Germany stretches out mostly in the state of Bavaria from Würzburg till Füssen, with picturesque cities, towns...

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Top Places To Visit 14 Spots

LEGOLAND Deutschland

One of the world's six Lego-themed parks is located in Günzburg, which is an hour away from both Munich and Stuttgart. The star attractions here are the unbelievably intricate Lego replicas of European cities and landscapes, made entirely out of 25 million tiny little Lego bricks!
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Alte Mainmühle

Alte Mainmühle is a iconic restaurant on the old bridge in Würzburg. The best part is that, on pleasant days, you can take your glass of wine or a sandwich and stand by the bridge, enjoying the view. The local Franconian wine was itself, to my delight since I am not a huge fan of dry wines, very crisp and refreshing.
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