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I still have not forgotten the heat I had faced when I crossed parts of Bihar during the summers, more than some fifteen years back and had thought I will never again be here in the future but as fate always has it, having married someone from the same place, a trip there was just a matter of time....

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If you can make a one-day trip from Bhopal,you can cover Bhimbhetka and Bhojpur....

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Bhojpur Road, Raisen District, Bhojpur
This is a famous temple which was built around the 13th Century by the great Parmar king, Raja Bhoj. The temple was thus named after him. An evidence of religious tolerance during that time is the fact that in spite of being a typical Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva there are idols of three Tirthankaras of the Jain sect in this temple. The Bhojpur Temple is no doubt an architectural marvel and depicts the pure Temple architecture of the 12th and 13th centuries. The intricately carved walls and the ceilings will impress any visitors and the best part of this heritage temple is that it is one of the best active temples in the state.
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