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Backpacking around the world is only worth the effort not just when you get to see the "must see" and "popular-tourist" places but mostly when you get to see the most unseen and unheard of places!...

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Helen’s to Bicheno....

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Top Places To Visit in Bicheno 6 Spots

18356 Tasman Highway, 7kms north of Bicheno, Bicheno, Tasmania 7215

Weekend Getaways from Bicheno  

Hobart would be your next stop, home of the Cascade Brewery and David Walsh’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The first and last on that list are absolute must-do’s. Any nightlife or shopping will take place on the waterfront by Salamanca Place. Make sure you stop by the Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge for drinks and gourmet pizzas you’ve never heard of. Though on the pricey side, you’ll love every bite.

About Bicheno

“Penguin!” Hadyn shouted at every black and white bird on the horizon. Knowingly, he mistakes large gulls for the little local inhabitants that nest along Bicheno’s rocky shoreline. Someone has unscientifically (and rather boringly) named them Little Penguins; they are the tourist attraction for this, also little, East Coast town. Fuzzy black wings wave at you from souvenir magnets, or drive old Volkswagen vans on cartoon postcards. In the midst of the region’s ‘Busy Season,’ we saw more of these battered, vintage vehicles – and the typecast wild-haired, wild-pant-ed people who drove them – than we do penguins. But with two main streets, one post office and one general store, it only takes two VWs to make the place feel crowded.

How To Reach Bicheno

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