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Credits: Bill Barekas The people at The Clumsies are anything but clumsy....

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Traveling to a new destination is always exciting....

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Top Places To Visit in Billings 64 Spots

2913 3rd Ave North, Billings, MT 5910
1730 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 5910

Weekend Getaways from Billings  

Day 6: Bozeman, MT — Google Maps gave me an interesting choice to take either the Interstate where food and gas are abundantly available or State Route where I have no idea what surprises I’m in for. But I thought the choice was obvious, State Route 212 it was. The route wasn’t bad at all except for the number of dead animals on the road. But the surprising part was the number of hellos and smiles I got from strangers while was passing through the small towns on the route. It’s so true that small towners give utmost importance to the little things in life. Such friendly people. I compare it with how people treat in the most tech-savvy place on earth, the Bay Area, where people hardly even make eye contact.


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