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There can never be enough of these furry creatures in this world, and hence I am dedicating another point to them just as the Americans have dedicated this entire 85-acre island to them....

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Plenty of sightseeing options including the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, The Anglican Cathedral and Point Pleasant, do not miss the Bird Cage near Queen Street where you will realize what "Bermuda Shorts" are!...

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Pig Beach, The Bahamas
The mere mention of the Bahamas takes our mind on a mental ride of pristine white beaches and unlimited beer. But the visuals that never appear are those of fluffy pigs randomly swimming in those crystal waters. Yes, that is the case with the Pig Beach in the Bahamas. This is where you'll encounter these porky creatures that are otherwise friendly but won't blink an eye before putting their mouths on your lunch. So beware!Here's detailed information on how to get here.
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