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Bali: The Island of the Gods

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Ian Reide

Surabaya means – The courage to face the any danger or any difficulties. This spirit makes the city what it is today. With a population of 3Million, it is considered as the commercial capital of east Indonesia. In addition to the many attraction the “Pet Market” of Surabaya is a host to many of the worlds rarest animals / reptiles & birds. This will be an exciting place to visit & the rarest of the breeds which probably you will never get to see in your life again. Reach Surabaya from Bangalore by Mid noon, we start for Malang & we stay at malang for the night
The coolest, most relaxed place you would visit. A peaceful town of malang is known for its slow pace & birds. Has the largest bird market in east java. This will be our transit stop for Mt.Bromo. Here we visit the local village & markets, Do Parasailing (on own cost) Visit local village houses & hike upto the sunset point
Lots of wild beaches, small islands. If you were ever interested to live on an uninhabited island, then this is the right place where you should go. People on the main Island of Karimunjawa are extremely friendly and honest.

About Blimbing

I spent one day in the village of Blimbing in central Bali. This was a an attempt by myself to experience and learn something of the traditional life of the Balinese people. Essentially, Thai rice farming is on flat land, while Balinese is on hills, thus lots of terraces. This may seem a small difference, but it affects most aspects of rice production.In this village, and in Bali as a whole, people farm almost in the same manner that their ancestors have done for centuries, but not entirely. Walking around in the fields, people have mobile phones and 3G. There is a new, hi-tech, “brand” of rice being trialled in the village, and children now, both receive a primary school education, and have the option of going to the “big city” for work and adventure. Also, in general, people know about the outside world.Blimbing was a pleasant stay. A few details. There are ~6,000 people in the village, which is divided into eight sub-districts (“bun-ya-dynas”), and covers ~11,000 hectacres. The land can manage up to three crops a year, and one hectare produces each year (when things are good) four tonnes of rice. A farm worker, can expect to make ~50,000 rupiah ($5) a day. An average, wooden, house costs forty million rupiah ($4,000), which is 800 days work. This salary is sufficient to live on, and living on a farm supplies many necessities of life. There are three primary schools in the village, but older children must go elsewhere for higher education, which many now do.It was a fascinating experience living with the family. There was quietness to their pace of life, a calmness. Of course, as a paying visitor you are shown the best, and there was a sizeable language gap. As a vegetarian, there were a few dietary misunderstandings, but as Hindus, they appreciated the worth of a vegetarian lifestyle, though it is tricky to achieve living on a farm. If you are interested in this, you can arrange to stay at Blimbing with most travel agencies on the island, or phone di

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