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The Hollywod-style sign of Braşov....

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Prund-Schei, Brasov
Brasov has a Black Tower and a White Tower. These were two watch towers in the city that stood to protect the cities from attacking the city walls. The White Tower is called so because it was painted white, while the Black Tower’s name comes from the fact that the tower was blackened when it was blackened by a fire that was caused by lightning. Hiking up the hill up to either of the towers (and the up the towers themselves for a panoramic view of the city) was an activity suggested to me by the hostel staff, something I couldn’t do inspite of really wanting to because it was night and it was through the woods, and even though Brasov is said to be one of the safest tourist cities in the world, hiking 20 mins through foresty hills isn’t the smartest thing to do. Also, bears.
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Strada Republicii, Brașov, România
Just a few minutes off Republicii street, a few minutes from the Main Square, lies Cafeteca. Saying it was the best coffee I’ve ever had wouldn’t be far from the truth. It was smooth and luscious and absolutely perfect. The fact that it was bitterly cold outside helped, but I think it could be touted the best anyway- any day, any time of the year. It was so good, I ordered another, but then, I don’t know how to leave well enough alone and asked for a French Press coffee instead, got distracted and let it brew too long, and then realised that I was actually craving a head of foamy milk, which you obviously don’t get with a French Press Coffee. Still delicious, but I should have just ordered another Cappuccino.
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About Brașov

As you set foot in Braşov, the first thing that will catch your eye is its stunning skyline. Soviet buildings, gothic spires, medieval arches and a Hollywoodesque sign – this is what welcomes you in Braşov. Baroque buildings and churches, interspersed throughout the town with white canopied cafes and tiny restaurants lining the streets – Braşov represents a very typical picture of a medieval European town.

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