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Bristol is extremely walkable....

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On the train, it's not far to Oxford, or perhaps you'd like to pop over to Bristol or Bath for a day or two....

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Avon River Cruises/ Boat Rides

I love this for the sheer joy of rowing. If you don't know how to row, fret not, you will learn it with a few tries. Ask your boyfriend *wink*
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No. 51 Stokes Croft

Strolling onto to the neighbourhood of Stokes Croft, the amazing community that redefines public art. The residents have embraced graffiti; sporadic murals and spray paint poems, of varying quality, decorate the walls and pavements. Discover the work of Banksy tucked among the murals painted by local artists.
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About Bristol

On the train, it's not far to Oxford, or perhaps you'd like to pop over to Bristol or Bath for a day or two. There's also a lot to do in Birmingham, especially if you like shopping and good nightlife. It's also a two hour drive to Stonehenge, if you fancy a bit of a day out - although that's not really so cheap.So, to summarise - the cheapest you can probably do this is a Megabus to Birmingham (£2) then a bus into Stratford (£5.20). Find a cheap room on Airbnb (£35), try getting theatre tickets on the day, and try asking around to see if anybody has Birthplace tickets that you can borrow! Realistically, if you want to eat out, see a show and visit the houses, you're looking at something like:Breakfast: £3 (Yard of Ale)Lunch: £3 (Fresh and Funky)Dinner: £5 (Noodle Box)Theatre: £14 (restricted view)Birthplace Trust: £25Accommodation: £35 (assuming you just stay for one night)Getting in (from London): £7.20Total = £92.20.Not super-budget, but still a lot less than the average tourist will pay here.Of course, if you're really nice and can perhaps offer me accommodation/food somewhere else cool in the world, you promise to cook for me or teach me something interesting etc., I might be able to put you up here for free.... it's :)

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Best time to visit Bristol is from May to July

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