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Shi Jie Zhi Chuang, 9037 Shen Nan Da Dao, HuaQiaoCheng, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518053
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Hong Kong
My tickets were booked with Southern China Airlines ‎ and my stay was at Guangzhou Westin and Hilton Shenzhen . I took my flight which was a night flight, it was a pleasant flight and we reached Guangzhou on time at around 6 AM local time.. I had took Shenzhen first as part of my trip so I had to catch a train to Shenzhen.. I took the Metro to reach Guangzhou East station from where I got the Bullet Train for Shenzhen. It was a nice journey which ended faster than I had thought. Going on 300 + Km /Hr reached Shenzhen which is good 120+ Km away from Guangzhou in just approx 40 mins. The train was Neat clean and very nice and fast. China's Metro train system is very vast and huge as everything. I took the metro for my hotel which was a couple of meters away. The weather was pleasant, As Shenzhen is nearer to a beach it's slightly humid in days. But as it was end of winter season I had a good cooler stay. My stay at Hotel Hilton was a perfect stay ( You can read bout Hilton Shenzhen in my Blog entry https://travellerinsight.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/relaxing-stay-in-city-of-shenzhen/ )
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