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Take a bus from Sydney to Byron. I think Byron invented hippies. Though it's now polluted with gap year students dropping their pants at the slightest hint of a beat, there are still hidden gems here that will warm the cockles of your heart. Recommendations here: 1. Holiday Village Backpackers (So we suggested this to some friends who went to Byron after us and they didn't listen and they now want to polish boots for the rest of their lives in repentance ) 2. Railway Bar They have local (primarily aboriginal) bands play here in the evenings and it's fantastic. There's old school music and often, you will find old happy uncles come up to you and do their little old school dance, or a group of ladies with their teenage hippie granddaughters, doing the twist.. it's such a happy place :) 3. Cheeky Monkeys Dancing on table tops. Guys stripping. Not pretty. But yeah, cheap dinner for backpackers starting 7Pm every night. 4. Take surf lessons. TAKE IT! Feed the sharks. 5. Hire a bicycle and ride up to the lighthouse.

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Best time to visit Byron Bay is from November to February
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