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Day 4 - Cambridge was refreshing - medieval architecture seemed to live seamlessly with college town quaintness. The borders blurred and were easy on the senses. The town at once felt hallowed and friendly and the roads from my maps came alive in 3-D without me getting lost at all! I stumbled upon the Fitzwilliam Museum, but used it as a shopping stop since I decided to call it quits for museums today. Rambling further on, Kings College loomed tall on the left, easily recognizable with the hoards of tourists clustered around it. Kings Chapel and Kings College blew me away! The Chapel’s rich history made me realize that royalty went to great lengths to proclaim their superiority even in education – building an imposing physical structure filled with the best minds – and yet serving the people well by opening it up to those who could not afford it. Things got even better when I stepped out into the college green and the sheer grandeur made me stop and stare. A rolling green carpet between the delicate entrance and the main building, dining halls and lodgings across the green and the immensity of the main building just sitting there were picture perfect. A walk around the green took me to the back where it looked like an artist had used it as a canvas and created his best work – a quaint bridge on the River Cam with a view of the meandering river on either side leading to other stalwart colleges. Can I please take a mental snapshot of this and NEVER EVER forget?! Pretty please?! Night: Buckingham Palace night photo ops, went all the way to the gate to gawk! Foraging for dinner took me to Oxford Street, where most places closed down after 8pm in a very well-mannered British way :p

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Best time to visit Cambridge is from May to July


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