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The surprise element is intact while walking through the flea markets of London be it a store selling vintage tin advertisements and immitations of a popular graffiti Artist in Portobello market, a store selling vintage costume in Camden market, a stall selling handmade shoes and hats in Spitalfields, stores selling African and Asian garments in Petticoat lane....

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London has some of most famous tourist attractions of the world. You should not miss the British Museum, which includes collections like mummies in the Ancient Egypt, Parthenon sculptures, and Rosetta Stone. Other popular museum includes Natural History Museum, Science museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Royal Museums, If you are an admirer of classic art then you should surely visit the National Gallery.
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Even if you have left none of these unexplored, it is another thing to appreciate their grandeur at nights. So you can also choose to spend the evening at the tower bridge. High rise buildings like the Shard and St. Paul's Cathedral are visible from the bridge. All these are well lit in the evenings and quite enticing. Further, to spice up your visit, walk to the haunted tower of London from Tower Bridge. Belief has it that its appearance grows spookier by the night. But during my first visit to the tower, I wasn't even aware of such facts. And nothing seemed abnormal.
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