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A wanderlust, an escapist, a dreamer or a fantasizer, I very much relate to these words as they describe me just too well. Anything creative, artistic...

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The southern part of Goa was completely unexplored until a decade ago. But it still remains to be quite serene as compared to the crowded northern...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Cabo De Rama Fort

Took a ferry, because the bridge the LP said would be finished by 2012, isn't finished. Managed to find the Portuguese fort, Cabo de Rama, without any u-turns! Made of laterite bricks, too, and much more larger though we didn’t linger here long.
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Cabo de Rama Fort

On the way to Cabo De Rama, there is a lonely restaurant, you can stop over for a Fish thali(wholesome meal)
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