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So, tell me, what do the Tunisian city of Carthage and a rolling green hillside in Spanish Cantabria have in common?...

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Lugar Barrio Obregón, s/n, Obregón, Cantabria, Spain
Situated on the site of a long abandoned open-cast iron mine, less than ten miles from the lovely seaside resort city of Santander, the park sprawls over an area of over 750 hectares (1,900 acres). Cabárceno is owned and operated by the company ‘Cantur’ with the goal of promoting tourism for the Cantabrian government. But its real raison d’être is in the conservation of endangered species and providing a vital means of environmental education to all of its visitors. In this facet it is neither a zoo nor is it a Natural Park, and I, for one, am glad. The Park is open all year round. In the high season expect to pay €24/adult, €14/child for a full day. With over 20km of roads through the park a car is a must to visit Cabárceno. Facilities include: a restaurant, cafeteria, picnic grounds, gift store, and playground. An ideal day out for all the family
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Calle de Gómez Oreña, 15, Santander, Spain
Restaurante Cañadio – Gomez Oreña, 15 Santander. Undoubtedly one of the finest restaurants in Santander. –
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