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The Cape Winelands, however, are some of the most breathtakingly beautiful in the world....

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I thus built my entire itinerary in the Western Cape between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth....

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For tasting the local cuisine, nothing is better than the market. It offers the best of the local Kasol culture items such as smoking accessories and local hand made clothes at very reasonable price. You ought to develop your bargaining skills though. Also spread throughout the market are some of the finest and cheapest street food items. Be it bread omllette, parathas, Chinese, Tibetan, Israeli or even North India, it's a foodie dream come true as you salvage different varieties of cuisine in the homogeneous culture of Kasol. Don't miss the German Bakery, for it offers the best cakes and pastries this side of the Valley!
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Oude Libertas Road

A must do for a Saturday morning, is to go to the Oude Libertas Market on Oude Libertas road, which consists of a variety of food from all over the World that’s been a bit “Stellenbosch-anised” and the best of all is, near the entrance you buy a wine glass, and you can top it up with any wine there after for R30 ($3) while you walk and eat your way through this amazing market. We also spent a day driving threw the city, which is filled with great souvenir shops and history about Stellenbosch.
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About Cape Winelands

Apart from lucrative businesses for their owners, the estates offer a wide choice of cellars lined with top-class wines, and even a variety of locally produced cheeses, olives, export-quality fruit, and organic produce to sample and buy. The sheer beauty of the Winelands also lures photographers and artists to capture its magnificence, and make for ideal settings to host special occasions. The two must-visit wineries of note, also with their own excellent restaurants, guided tastings and gourmet shops, are Delaire Graff ( and Fairview (fairview. which also makes world class cheese. Many estates offer behind-the-scenes tours to showcase the wine-making process, at the end of which you can enjoy some wine tasting and possibly food pairing as well, depending on your choice of tour. There are some, however, that conduct a tour of the wine estate in a safari type game viewing Landrover. At the Waterford Wine Estate ( guests are driven around the 120-hectare property that is situated on the slopes of the beautiful Helderberg Mountain. This is a particularly scenic drive since the Waterford has chosen to use only half of the total land for the planting of vines, in order to preserve and maintain the natural flora and fauna of the beautiful Blaauwklippen (blue stone) valley. We stop at a picturesque machan-like setting, with the gorgeous mountain backdrop and lush vines till as far as the eyes can see to enjoy some of the signature wines of the estate.

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Best time to visit Cape Winelands is from November to March
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