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The river flows across capital through many waterfalls in its entire span....

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"On earth's part all days start beautifully patiently it revolves and revolves with its trees and oceans and lakes deserts and volcanoes the two of us and the rest of you and all the animals" Pétur Gunnarsson Greeting you at the Keflavik airport,...

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Built in 1909, the white wooden house is said to be the most historical and beautiful buildings in the city. It marked the venue in which the end of the Cold War was effectively official, hence the historical significance. now, it's owned by the city officials and is used for official receptions and meetings. It's interior is not open to the public, but you can explore the house from outside, peeking through the windows and using the explanatory panes outside as a history guide. It is located at Borgartún, 105 Reykjavík and is overlooking the waterfront.
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Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

Our second night in Reykjavik was spent at the CenterHotel Arnarvholl, a slightly more upscale hotel in the Reykjavik downtown area. This hotel is right on the waterfront, and a lot of rooms face the water. This room was a deluxe double...slightly larger and with an beautiful view. It's a little more expensive than our stay at the CenterHotel Klopp, at €115 ($143.75) per night. A standard double room can be had for €90 ($112.00) per night. The CenterHotel Arnarvholl also has a classy restaurant on the 8th floor overlooking the water. A stunning view, and that's where the breakfast buffet takes place. Once again, breakfast is included in your room rate.
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