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of Catalonia. I was convinced.... The people of Catalonia... in the greenways of Catalonia.            ...

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of Catalonia, Spain...

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Top Places To Visit 11 Spots

La Rambla

It gets its name from a seasonal stream (“raml” in Arabic) that once ran here. It was outside the city walls until the 14th century, and was built up with monastic buildings and palaces and in the 16th to 18th centuries.
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Plaça de Catalunya

The largest square marking the center for Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya is where the old and new, the ancient and modern, the city and its culture meet.
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About Catalonia

To be honest, I am unsocial type and would like to ski over the vast snowfield freely on my own. If there must be a reason, it's because I would be panic when bright and shining colors approaching me, worrying about if I bump against them, or what's worse, we might collide with each other and break our arms and legs if both of us are unskilled skiers. This might be the main reason why I come to ski in Boi valley of Catalonia, Spain.


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