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From Bohemian Kings and celebrated composers to intimidating Nazis and Soviet tanks, it has been through the crests and troughs....

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The train stations are all centrally located within each country and are one of the most convenient ways of travelling in Europe....

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Prague 119 08
The historic Prague Castle is beyond any ordinary castle. It is the largest ancient castle as per the Guinness Book Of World Records. This 9th century castle complex has been home to some of the most powerful empires in Czech including Bohemians, Holy Romans, Czechoslovakian kings.Today it is the home to the President of Czech Republic and one of the most tourist savvy spots in the city.Czech DinnerWhen in Czech, eat like the Czechs! Roasted Duck, chicken and fish along with some local wine is just the perfect Czech meal to blend in with the Czech food flavors!We dined at UPavouka, a cool medieval theme-based restaurant with excellent food, unlimited servings of wine/Pilsners and lots of entertainment to keep you hooked (we’re talking sword fighting, belly dancing and a lot more magic!) DAY 2Letna Park
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Between Mala Strana and the Old Town, Prague 11000
A ten minute walk later, we found ourselves on the banks of the river Vltava that runs underneath the Charles Bridge. Karlův most, as the bridge is called in the local language, is the primary spot to visit in the entire country. It's a simple bridge right at the heart of the city, sandwiched between the Prague castle and the old town. The busiest side of Prague was at night deserted, with just a five-story club and a dance bar attracting any visitors. We instead sat underneath one of the statues in the middle of the bridge, with a few drinks and a speaker. As the drinks wore us down, the night became livelier to us. Bollywood music, a serene atmosphere and a few strangers enjoying with us was the kickstart to our amazing trip.
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