Chandragiri Travel Guide and Tourism

This is a fort in the Tirupathi region of Andhra Pradesh and is almost 1000 years old. During the time of the Vijayanagara Empire, there were two cities which rose to prominence here. These were namely the Thulunadu and the Kolathunadu. This fort is built in the place which forms a border betwen these two cities. When the Vijayanagar Dynasty declined, the importance of these cities also declined and the region was taken over by a powerful ruker of the Nayaka Clan named Sivappa Nayaka. He was a patron of architecture and built a number of forts, palaces and temples. The Chandragiri Fort is one out of all. This fort is not only a historic tourist attraction merely but surrounded by dense forests and exciting trekking options to. The Swarnamukhi River also flows here and makes the charm of the scenery increase. The Srivari Mettu, Srinivasa Mangapuram, Agasthreeswara and others are main temples here. The Raja Mahal and the Rani Mahal are the most beautiful parts of the deserted fort of chandragiri. The Raja Mahal was later deparated and built as an archeological museum.
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