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Starting off at Beijing, we made our way to Changsha and from there to Zhangjiajie National Park, or its recent famous name – Hallelujah Mountains of the Avatar-fame, in the Hunan Province....

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The scenic view is ABSOLUTELY breathtaking....

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Departure [Feb 15, 2016] Despite some hiccups during the trip, I am absolutely grateful to have an experienced, cheerful, informative, helpful and dedicated tour guide, Siao Tang, to show me her beautiful hometown. She was born and raised in Zhangjiajie so she gets really excited and passionate to show us the best of it. She is always on her phone to liaise with her boss and colleagues to plan a more relaxing and comfy itinerary for the group. Another important person who made the whole trip went smoothly and safely is our experienced and dedicated coach driver, Mr. Chin. I was told that he was awarded the Driver of the Year by the government. I was really glad that he worked out an alternative route with Tang to avoid severe traffic congestion on the freeway, making our road trip much more bearable and comfy. Love you guys! :)
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Day 7 [Feb 15, 2016] Jiandu Museum is the place that gives you an insight to the life of ancient Chinese society before the invention of paper. Only until the late Eastern Han Period when paper was introduced, the ancient Chinese society recorded information such as politics, economy, military, culture and geography on bamboo slips and wooden tablets. These bamboo slips and wooden tablets date back more than 1,700 years ago. Unearthed since 1996, the Jiandu Museum currently holds approximately 100,000 bamboo slips and wooden tablets. Some of the bamboo slips and wooden tablets were very well-preserved that the words inscribed on it still can be read. Tips: If you are a postcard collector, I would definitely recommend you to buy a postcard from this museum. The material of the postcard is made of wood with some famous Changsha's landmark craved onto it, which is something special to add to your collection ;) It costs 20RMB
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About Changsha

And so, my journey begins... Arrival Day [Feb 8, 2016] The flight from Kuala Lumpur to the provincial capital of Hunan, Changsha was approximately 4hrs 15mins. The flight arrived at midnight and my tour group of 22 fellows are warmly welcomed by a local tour guide, Siao Tang. We checked-in to a very decent hotel called Ramada Plaza and called it a day. Day 1 [Feb 9, 2016] I woke up to a cool and foggy morning with some sunshine in Changsha. The tour began by taking a coach to the village of Shaoshan.

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