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Chefchaouen "The Blue City" Most people go to Chefchaouen or "Chaouen" as the locals call it, to gawk at the Old Town's stunning blue facade, or to indulge in a bit of hedonistic behavior if Amsterdam is off the hit list....

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23, Derb Bab El Moukaf - Quartier Souika, Chefchaouen
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About Chefchaouen

We just arrived in Chefchaouen, our last stop in this Morocco adventure. From Fes to here, you watch the most beautiful landscape of greenish mountains everywhere, I love it so much! And when you see this town closer, you only see white and blue houses in a hill, so pretty. Tons of people told us about this place, either Moroccans and travelers, but I try not to make expectations because of the disappointments you can get. My travel experience says: always go and look with your eyes. Sometimes people didn't like a place because they got stolen, bad experiences or other negative feelings. But doesn't mean that you will feel the same way. This town is picturesque and funky, can't wait to explore tomorrow. It's definitely the best place for shopping handmade, the sellers aren't that annoying and you find unique and creative items in every corner of the Old City. And the surroundings seem fascinating, want to go on a hike every day! Sounds like a great spot to finish this beautiful trip. (another ride in the desert would be also a great choice! hehe) And for the first time we are staying in a Riad which is a traditional moroccan house with an interior garden. Nowadays staying in a Riad means 50€ a night, it's the trend place to stay in Morocco but we are staying in the terrace for only 2€. So we can watch the stars and the sunrise in a mattress and blanket and all Riad access free, weeeee! We are proud backpackers and I love this family houses style hotel.

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