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The name of a major lake in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. This is one of the two very important lakes in this region. This is because the two of these lakes are main suppliers of water to the city and metropolitan of Chennai. These are rain fed lake and the other one's name is the Puzhal Lake. There is also a dam and reservoir built over it. The origination of the Adyar River also takes place over here. The main attraction here is of course the engineering project which plays an important part in the infrastructural development of the region and also due tp the surrounding beauty which serves perfect for the photographer's lenses.

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Today, 6th July marks the first anniversary of my first step into Solo Travel, hence the dedicated post....

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Bangalore Trunk Road, Palanjur, Chennai (Madras) 602 103
The Queensland Waterpark is Chennai's best amusement park. It is located on the Chennai-Bangalore Trunk Road, and has given a boost to more tourists in Chennai. This amusement park is 70 acres big and has rides and games set according to international standards.
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Chembarambakkam Lake, Tamil Nadu
This is the name of a lake in the Kanchipuram District. This is also one of the only two lakes which are rain fed and form the amjor water suppliers to the city of Chennai. The other one is the Puzhal Lake. The Adyar River which flows along the city also originates here. this is a big lake and thus a dam and reservoir are also made over it. Nothing but the natural beauty is worth admiring here. The place is ideal for photograophy too.
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