Chikkamagaluru Tourism & Travel Guide

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An amazing woods... We had an adventure trip from blore to Chikkamagalur I should say one should visit these places at least once in lifetime...

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This is the highest peak of Karnataka and is a part of the Babu Budhan Giri Range in the District of Chikmagalur. There is a small Shiva Temple on top of this hill and that point is the highest point of the state. The Mullayanagiri is perfect for hiking and it is higher than the Nilgiris but lower than the Himalayas. The views from top of the mountain with cool air brushing your face is a very nice feeling and worth all the difficulty you will face to climb the mountain.
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This is small hill station which in Kannada literally means "The Town of the Younger Daughter". The name of the town is after its District Headquarters also known as Chikmagalur. There are extensive coffee plantations here along with the beauty of a number of rivers that originate from the mountains here. This is a perfect place to come during summers as this place is cool throughout the year. The mountains here are also ideal for trekking and hiking. The major attractions here are the Mullayanagiri, Bababudan Range, Amruthapura, Ayyanakere, Dattatreya Temple and others.
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About Chikkamagaluru

12. Chikmagalur -Nestled in the lap of the beautiful Baba Budan Hills, this is a good option for trekking for all tourists. It is also known for its coffee plantations and you can taste some of the best coffee in the world out here. It is said that long back a Sufi saint named Baba Budan brought 7 ripe coffee seeds from the Port of Yemen, while returning from Haj. These seeds were later planted here and are known to be the origin of the coffee plantations out here.Other than that there is a fort as well as a rose garden to explore. If you like to travel by road, then get into your car and drive to the place which is called ‘the coffee district of Karnataka’ – Chikmangalur. This tourist destination is located 236 away from Bangalore and will take one around 4 hours to reach by road. Amidst the Bab Budan hills, this place is sublime for trekkers. According to local lore, upon returning from Haj, the Sufi saint, Baba Budan had sown seven un-roasted coffee seeds that he had brought with him from Yemen. As a result, coffee plantations have bloomed here and now, one can get a taste of the best coffee in the world at Chikmangalur.Chickmangalur is an ideal place to take a break and spend the weekend there with family. Tall trees, lush greenery, majestic mountains, and relaxation are what this place has to offer. When there, do visit the Mahatma Gandhi Park, known locally as Rathnagiri Bore.The Nehru Rose Garden, resplendent with over 250 species, is another hotspot here and one can participate in music and cultural festivals while visiting here. Enjoy the toy train and you will surely get a good glimpse of the place.


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