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The journey till New Zealand was really long. From Bangalore to Sydney via Singapore and then from Sydney to Christchurch. It was worth the distance that Samir and I traveled. We hired our pre-booked car at Christchurch and started our journey in New Zealand. Within no time, we started admiring the beauty of the place. When you get out of an overpopulated city to a city where the population density in one fifth of the former, you find peace everywhere. To add to it, you get to see lakes, sea beach, rocky hills and people welcoming you with a lovely smile.We directly drove to the place that we had booked for the day. It was a spacious place with well- maintained lawn on all its sides. The place that we booked was at a hill top and so we could see the beautiful Christchurch from a good height. The temperature being 15 degrees centigrade, it was cool and comfortable.The weather is slightly unpredictable in New Zealand. The following morning, we woke up to find that it was one of the hottest days. Well, it was summer then. After packing our bags, we headed towards the market place and had our breakfast. For all the dog lovers reading this article, you will be unable to control that smile on your face. Almost every other person had this kid in their family. Look around and you could see friendly dogs of different breed with their human families.

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