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Well, usually most of the people who travel to South America would usually head towards machu piccu ~ But for us, i guess its too tourists hence we head south and went to Ushuaia but still not enough time to go the Antartica tho ~ So near yet so far ~ Well usually the first and the last stop would be the same so lets start with ~ BUENOS AIRES ~ The charming capital and largest city in Argentina,often called 'The Paris of South America'for its soaring architecture and rich European heritage....

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But, most of all, Buenos Aires is drowned in Romance....

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This large downtown district is enticing when it comes to both history and Architecture. It is the most affluent neighborhood, with chic buildings and expensive hotels. Apart from walking on its wonderful, meandering streets, there are quite a lot of things to do here. The most popular spot here is the Recoleta Cemetery, which is like a huge cemetery. It is amongst the top 10 cemeteries of the world (yes, there is such a list!) and has tombs of many important people, like most of the past Argentinian Presidents and Napoleon's grand daughter. This district boasts of a Parisian style of Architecture and in many ways forms the cultural center of the city. You can find a number of art displays, concerts, plays, cinema etc at the Centro Cultural Recoleta situated here.
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Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - Avenida del Libertador

Most romantic cities are incomplete without an art museum. So, is Buenos Aires and The museum of Fin Arts is what completes it. One of the oldest art museum's of Argentina, this displays some of the best 19th century collector's edition pieces. With around 688 major permanent displays and 12,000 minor works, you can easily spend the entire day here roaming in its 34 exhibition halls. Moreover, the entry to this fabulous place is completely free!
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Ciudad de Buenos Aires

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