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Top Places To Visit in Coachella 8 Spots

happy times lane, Coachella, CA 9223
84245 Indio Springs Drive, Indio, CA 9220

Weekend Getaways from Coachella  

This year February, i was in #LasAngles and got one day free for some sightseeing. I decided to go to Universal Studio. Being a non working day, It was a lot of crowd there. I started with the Simpson ride first and quite enjoy it. Then i was waiting in the queue for the tour bus of Universal Studio, where they take everyone to show around the sets of Hollywood and a lot more.There was one Korean girl standing next to me in the line and she requested if her friends can join in the line. I was ok with it so i said sure not a problem. She called her other Korean friend who joined her. After few minutes they asked if other friends join too, so i just smiled. I have been to Korea many times so i knew some basic Korean words. I just greeted them saying "anyohaseyo"(which means hello in Korean). They were more excited than surprised and then we started interacting throughout the ride. I came to know that two of them(Jeni and Kate) were settled in NYC since birth and visited other friend(Mini) who was settled in LA.As i was alone so they invited me to join them for the rest of the day. Mini was living in LA from a long time and had been to the theme park many times, so was the best local person who could help me :)


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