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I made my way to Colem and took a train to Dudhsagar station....

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The trekking train is available from both Goa side (Colem railway station) and from the Karnataka side (Castle Rock)....

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Kulem, Goa 403410, India
This was a small and empty railway station and we were probably the only people there along with some monkeys and dogs. Our return journey to Bangalore was on the same night and we had a couple of hours to kill so we played UNO. The train was at 9 PM and we reached Bangalore the next morning.
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Further, the road leads to the green highway and then the city besides the sea. The city roads with all food around, the smell of fish and the views of coconut craft. We reach our pre-booked homestay just a walk away from the Calangute Beach. As it was a big group with three small babies, so on reaching there, all we wanted was just to rest. A nap and then we go out for lunch. Nearby is all full of many food joints and one can easily fetch food from different cuisines- but as we say "When in Rome, do as Romans do", so I would suggest go for the Goan food, as it tastes better than anything else.Later in the day, after dinner, a walk to the beach was our very first encounter with the Goan beach waters- but a bad experience. It's true people forget life in Goa, but people don't forget to exploit it. The beach was not clean and the water stinky. Sad to say, but depressing. To the good of Goa, is also a bad side. Also, the ice-cream vendors around could only sell us ice-creams at a price much higher than MRP with hug bargains. Depressing was the end of the day, but it was the first day and awaits the fun.Day 2, we start our journey towards the beautiful Goa. Down towards Panjim and then further towards the Goan hills which led us to the silence and calmness of South Goa. Post lunch we reach the Palolem Beach and check in our accommodation, a few kilometers away from the beach as we didn't pre-book. Otherwise, its quite a nice place and a walk away from the beach, we find many different accommodations.

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Trekking along the railway track during the monsoons doesn't disappoint anyone seeking the ferocity of the monsoons and the explosion of greenery which accompanies it. Add to this the thrill of playing hide and seek with trains darting in and out of the tunnels and one is assured of a memorable adventure. The fog roams freely on the mountain tops and envelops the dense jungles that give birth to thundering streams tempting the onlooker for a quick dip. The main attraction of the trek is the Dudhsagar Waterfall accessible by a 14 km walk from Castle Rock or alternatively an 11km trek from Kulem.

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