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Our last destination was Colombo and we spend only one day in that capital city to do the local sightseeing.My Travel Tips:1) Sri Lanka is rich in terms of spirituality, religion and history. Dress properly when you are about to visit a temple or any other religious sites. They feel offended seeing tourist's careless and casual behavior like taking selfie with the Buddha statue behind or couples performing PDA in public. 2) This country is safe for solo female traveler. The locals would leave no stone unturned to welcome, help and show respect to the tourists. But still I would suggest not to wear too short or exposing dresses in public or while traveling in public transport to avoid unnecessary attentions. But a bikini on the beach or a swim suit in a pool is absolutely fine.3) After a long lasting civil war and Tsunami of 2004, Sri Lanka is striving hard to recover the economy, dismantling social structure, communication, transport and all that. It's still a developing country with fresh hopes along with the remaining scars. I beg you not to use some generalized tags like 'Poor Country, Poor People' for Sri Lanka. While combing through a dozens of travel blogs before my Sri Lanka trip, I encountered these adjectives time and again and I felt so bad. Sri Lanka offers you much more than just the poverty.4) Sri Lanka produces high quality spices, tea and gems. So you can take them back home at affordable price.5) Sri Lanka just loves its animals like anything. Be it elephants, turtles, dolphins, whales or anything. So please, please be gentle and kind to the animals.6) Don't leave your carbon foot print. Be a Sensible Traveler.In this 8 days trip, I was surrounded by all the very best Sri Lanka could offer me - sun, sea, virgin beaches, turtles, dolphins, whales, animals, fishes, flowers and a spiritual wrap of belief, history and religion. A perfect rejuvenation for body, mind and soul.Thanks for stopping by. If you need any help/suggestion before planning your Sri Lanka trip, feel free to drop your message to me. I will try my best to help you.If you want to see more moments from the journey of my itchy feet, follow me on my Instagram Account pebble_street.This post was originally posted on my travel blog page Lost in the Globe.

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