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A town that has mostly known wines for centuries, is being introduced to a new wave of microbreweries. Amrita Das visits the Spanish town of Córdoba to find how the locals are handling the change.The fact that wine hosts most Spanish revelries is no secret. And for a beer-lover like me, chancing upon the effervescent beverage in southern Spain’s Andalusia was elusive. Until I spotted the dark pint, prominently labelled ‘Cordobeer’, in a quaint bodega in Córdoba. Soon after, I was initiated into the brand through its wheat variety, theTrigo pint, whose malty aroma and light lacing landed perfectly on my palate and became a quick favourite. There are two other varieties to follow it up with—the fruity Pilsner and the strong, dark IPA. Launched in 2013, Cordobeer is Lolo Roldán’s craft beer brand that aims to promote beer in Spain and make it as reputable as wine—a drink that can be appreciated by all generations, between friends and in family gatherings. Cordobeer itself is all of 30, born in a town where the majority population have always known and enjoyed wine. With the youth’s changing preferences, it has begun to find a foothold in town among other microbreweries. “The young people like beer because it’s affordable,” shared a Spanish friend, as we continued on the subject, with our respective pints on the table. “Also because summers can be very hot here. Beer suits the weather. Though I wish they would also indulge in local wines in equal measure,” she said, concerned about the diminishing popularity of wine.

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