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This is the best place to start your day, its a super cozy café you can seat in a huge couch in front of Plaza Rio de Janeiro or drink your coffee in a french chair, its up to you, just read the newspaper or some book feeling the good vibration coming from the activities happening on the square. Lots of families with their kids and dogs, and people healthy running, bohemian neighbourhood, lots of trees and flowers and a beautiful fountain to make the place perfect for your morning! :D
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This is an amazing pre-Colombian archaeological place that I had somehow missed on my journey, until I was pointed to it on my way someplace else. Tlatelolco was built by the Aztecs when one group of them built Templo Mayor (now in the center of Mexico City next to Zocalo main square) and the second group settled down and built Tlatelolco where it stands here. The main temple is said to be at least 700 years old which proves its construction by both Aztecs and Tlatelolca tribes. Tlatelolco stands in the middle of what it is called nowadays as Plaza de tres culturas – Square of the Three Cultures where three cultures of Mexican history blend. The three cultures being Pre-Colombian, Spanish and modern mestizo (represented by the former office buildings of foreign ministry in the southern part of the square)
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