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Beyond bullets and bloodshed : Bastar

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Chitrakoot Falls: India's Answer To The Niagara Falls That Deserves Your Kind Attention

Skim through any mid-school geography books and Chitrakoot Falls finds a mention as the 'Niagara ...

Disha Kapkoti
मॉनसून का मज़ा उठाने के लिए जाइये इन 5 बेहतरीन जगह! पढ़ें कैसे जाना है, कितने पैसे लगेंगे और अन्य चीज़े

फोटो सौजन्य - सोमवअगर हिंदुस्तान वैसे ही एक नयी नवेली दुल्हन जैसी है तो मानसून उसके लिए एक बिंदी ...

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8 Dream Destinations In Least Visited States In India That Deserve Your Kind Attention

Yes, your wanderlust demands more! If the bliss of the magical hills of Himachal Pradesh and the...

Disha Kapkoti
India – Land of stunning landscapes, a photo blog

India is a land of unmatched diversity & versatility, whether it is culture, art, lifestyle, ...

Subhrajyoti Parida

Introduction: Orchha literally means ‘hidden’ and this small village is just that, s...


Best time to visit - N/A
Also known as Vizag, this city is often considered as the best and most popular tourist attraction of Andhra Pradesh. St...
Early in the morning I boarded my flight to Raipur via Hyderabad, and reached to the destination at 9 am. I decided to w...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
Think serene springs, juicy mangoes and mouthwatering deserts and Vijayawada is the name that will come to mind. The nam...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,September,October,November,December
Warangal is a land famous for its architectural feats. Though not really a tourist spot, the ancient city has multitudes...
This was a real holiday, deep in the jungle with no mobile signals and no noises. It was a stress reliever in the lap of...
Our bus left Visakhapatnam around 7:30 Am. We saw many picturesque locations along our way I couldn’t capture it because...

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Visit the mudbrick Adivasi villages forgotten by timeSeventy percent of Bastar's population is adivasi. It is one of those rare places in India where the adivasi population is thriving. In fact, some adivasi villages are inaccessible by road and require day-long hikes. They are hidden in the hills or in the forests. This has allowed them to conserve their culture far away from the trivialities of time.You can visit these villages with a tour company or on your own. It is better to go with a tour company or find a Hindi-speaking guide before visiting these villages to get the most out of the experience. The major tribes are the Gond, Maria, Bhatra, Muriya, Halba, and Dhuruva. Each tribe has its own language, customs, attire, cuisine and beliefs. These tribes are animists and they live in close harmony with nature. To this day, they harvest unintelligible forest greens and tubers. Visiting these villages is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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